Farhiya Abdi

Amina Hedayat is an engaging and informative facilitator. Not only did she spend time helping us understand ourselves, but she also gave us essential tools to manage our thought process and emotions to the best of our abilities. I especially loved practicing how to walk confidently. The things I have learned in the confidence workshop …

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Mostafa A. Elsahn

Amina Hedayat is a true innovator in the field of Interpersonal Intelligence! I had the privilege and the opportunity to be debriefed by Amina on my Energy Leadership Index Assessment, and it was quite an experience. You will never really know enough about yourself and be able to effectuate change until you take this important and necessary …

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Jim Britt

Amina has the ability to spark the intention woven with the talent to create inferno of change within an individual creating outstanding results.

Jason Mead

Good evening Amina. I wanted to drop you a quick note, or referral letter if you will. I count the weeks that we spent together incredibly valuable. As you know my professional life had been rocked to the core and I found myself in a place I have never been before both mentally and in …

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Yes, I believe the event was very worthwhile and I found it very beneficial.  Whenever there is such a significant crisis in someone’s life, I think they become more reflective and are looking for ways to again find meaning, hope and joy.  The seminar really puts life in perspective and is a good starting point …

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Being able to interact freely is one of Amina’s talents!  There are no judgments, forcing of her beliefs or telling you what to do as she explains the journey is mine not hers!  Amina always has information available for every situation we have discussed so I find I am growing as a person and expanding …

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Shauna Parr

I am writing this testimonial for Amina, my Life Coach.  I have the pleasure of being coached by someone that is very caring, gentle when needed, thought provoking and a true gem.  Amina has a natural style where you feel like you’re talking to a friend; however she has no issue making you stop and …

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J. Carter

Amina is such an amazing and inspiring woman!

Jenn Carter

Amina, You are such an amazing and inspiring woman! I just know that once you start sharing your message with the world everything will open up for you. Make it a great day!