Leadership is the art of inspiring and guiding others towards a common goal. Effective leaders exhibit vision, empathy, and integrity, fostering a culture of collaboration and empowering their team members to unleash their full potential.


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Amina is a Leadership and Think Global Coach! Meaning, she coaches young professionals on how to become a powerful self-leader and in turn a powerful leader of others not only with an international orientation in thinking and growth, but also global in the human connections. If you are wondering what “global in the human connections” means, it is:

  • Looking at the world through a prism
  • Understanding human perceptions and inclinations
  • Developing a deeper insight about how conversations trigger another person to act in a certain way
  • What drives them to change an attitude that’s not serving them or costing them in missing opportunities and losing relationships
  • Uncovering their inner dialogue and the narrative within their stories that is affecting their outlook on their aspirations
  • Developing a conscious awareness of how to manage different aspects of your life.

An empowered young professional to become a “LEADER” is to become a master in understanding oneself, develop interpersonal and intera-personal intelligence, emotional intelligence, and conversational intelligence, in order to lead others with FOCUS AND UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE.
Every client receives a customized and focused program that fits his or her needs.

The main strategy we follow is divided into five phases:

Coaching With Amina

  1. Coaching with Amina will help you not settle for less than the life you desire, the life you want to live and enjoy, to be everything you can be. And this can happen when you are ready for the change and have the blazing fire of determination from within to do it.
  2. You can change what you want to change. Know what’s been depleting your energy, what’s standing in your way, what behaviors, attitudes, and emotional patterns that are not serving you, and what is the cost of it all.
  3. How will you shape your life as a Global Leader? It all has to do with your story. Amina will become your partner in writing your new story.

~Amina Khalil

Amina is an International Keynote Speaker and a Certified Professional Coach and credentialed by the ICF, which is the checks and balances organization for coaches worldwide. She got her business degree from Michigan State University and earned loads of professional certificates for different coaching skills that helped her along the years to coach intensively and speak powerfully in the areas of communication, leadership, stress management, developing a global mindset for individual development, diversity and inclusion, human relationships, decision making, and many others.

“Life is like a bouquet of flowers. There are no ugly flowers. It is the beauty in the lessons learned in life that gives the bouquet it’s breathtaking appearance.”

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Leadership is about fostering collaboration and unleashing potential.


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