Yes, I believe the event was very worthwhile and I found it very beneficial.  Whenever there is such a significant crisis in someone’s life, I think they become more reflective and are looking for ways to again find meaning, hope and joy.  The seminar really puts life in perspective and is a good starting point for reflection.  I would highly recommend continuing it.

I think that the facilitator (Amina) was warm, inviting and easy to listen to.  The material was relevant.  I do however, think that she likely had to do a condensed presentation; as I think many of the areas could have been expanded upon; including breaking into small groups or working with a partner; but this would have involved a longer session.

However, no complaints I loved it!  My favorite quote is “If you don’t change, there will be no change”.  She reinforced what needs to be done beautifully!

The food was also set up in such a nice way, that we were made to feel very special.

A big thank you to you and Dr. Mahmood.  You’re the best!