Jason Mead

Good evening Amina. I wanted to drop you a quick note, or referral letter if you will. I count the weeks that we spent together incredibly valuable. As you know my professional life had been rocked to the core and I found myself in a place I have never been before both mentally and in my career. I greatly appreciated how you were able to isolate different struggles and help me work through them one by one. I was able to slowly digest what was currently happening and what I wanted for my future. The greatest lesson seemed to be the simplest yet it was the hardest for me, and that was simply re-writing my inner monologue so that I could win. Even just sitting down and listing my strengths so that I could articulate them, was pivotal in the path to healing.

The decision matrix was also a key tool for me. There were so many decisions and ideas and thoughts running through my mind it helped me logically and strategically order my priorities so that I can move in the right direction with my career. Amina, you were the right person at the right time in one of the shakiest moments of my career. I greatly appreciate the time that you spent with me and would highly recommend you to anyone that needs some self-discovery and/or direction in their current situation. Thanks again, you are the best!