I enrolled in the ‘Coaching Skills for Muslims Today’ course to enhance my communication abilities within my workplace and family setting. The course exceeded my expectations by teaching me not just valuable coaching skills but also how to integrate Islamic principles into conflict resolution. The framework for coaching presented was particularly enlightening.

Applying these skills has been transformative; I find myself consistently utilizing the principles and techniques taught during the course to resolve various issues effectively. The webinar format of the course was convenient and allowed me to balance my busy schedule.

While I enjoyed the ease of attending webinars, I did feel that a regular class setting might have fostered more immediate practice and group interaction. Additionally, fulfilling the peer coaching requirement outside of class was challenging due to time constraints.

Nonetheless, my overall experience was incredibly positive. Each session left me with actionable and valuable insights. I’ve already recommended this course to others and will continue to do so. For anyone looking to improve their interpersonal skills while aligning with Islamic principles, this course is a game-changer.