Rania F

I took the ‘Coaching Skills for Muslims Today’ course to enhance my communication and conflict management skills, particularly in my interactions with my children. The instructor was highly engaging, always enthusiastic, and remarkably responsive to any questions or concerns we had during the course.

The material presented was both intellectually challenging and extremely relevant. Learning how to ask open-ended questions has empowered those around me to think and problem-solve for themselves, and I’ve found this approach to be particularly effective in being less authoritarian with my children.

What stood out for me was the interactive nature of the course sessions and how it tied back to Qur’anic teachings and the practices of the Prophet (PBUH) in handling difficult situations. While I enjoyed the in-class practice scenarios, I found the timing of the classes to be challenging, particularly during Ramadan.

However, despite the overwhelming nature of the material at times, the repetition and review sessions helped cement my understanding. My only wish is for more opportunities to apply these invaluable techniques in real-world settings. A course manual or handouts could be helpful for note-taking and future reference.

Overall, the experience was enlightening and rewarding. I can say with confidence that the course has improved my abilities in conflict management. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone looking to refine their parenting skills and communicate more effectively and peacefully with their children.