Snow White Reads The Unnamed Prince

In yesterday’s post Snow White learned something about reading her stepmother, the Queen. Today, Snow is going to do the same with the Prince!

One thing that makes me wonder, why did the original authors decide not to name the Prince? Is he a symbol to every man appearing suddenly in our lives? Is he supposed to be the one who becomes fascinated with our voices, beauty, spirit, and who we are, for who we are? He takes a secondary role, yet his impact on Snow White makes her wish for him to come and save her and so he has this mysterious shadow behind the scenes.

When and where does the Prince appear?

This, no name Prince, was traveling close to the ruthless Queen’s castle when he heard Snow White sing in the garden. She’s singing in the wishing well and her beautiful voice is amplified. He’s attracted like a magnet towards the walls of the castle and gets close to listen; he sees Snow and falls in love with her! He starts singing with her but she gets startled and runs away. He continues to sing under her balcony and Snow White becomes infatuated with him.

Love at first sight, or in our case here, at first sound byte, is an amazing phenomenon. Couples who fall in love fast might stay a lifetime together, but most often don’t last a few years. There is an expression that says: “What comes fast, leaves fast”! So will our Prince here be of the first group or the later? I’ll talk about this point in another blog post.

The second time he appears, is when he hears about Snow White’s ordeal and being placed in a glass coffin in the forest. He sings his “One Song” again, kisses Snow on the lips, the curse put on her by the Queen is broken, takes Snow in his arms and on his horse and they both ride together to his castle!

Fast-forward five years from the kissing scene. Snow stands by the window of their castle and watches the Prince plays in the garden below with their little son. She reflects back when they first met and starts her reading of him. It might be a little late, but better late than never!

  • (No name) Prince heard me sing and was attracted to my voice without even seeing me!” she thought as she squinted her eyes, “what does that mean?
  • His auditory sense is good and he appreciates a beautiful voice. When we were engaged and after we got married he loved to hear me sing. After our baby arrived he changed. He’s distant. He’s always pre-occupied. I’ve been busy with our son but I want my husband to be involved. I had to force him now to take Henry to the garden to play.
  • If another person sings the same song and also has a beautiful voice, would he has fallen in love with her? It could be a weakness that any woman’s voice will shake his heart! Hmmm! Should I be worried? The other day he sang with the castle singers as they entertained our guests and I didn’t like the way he looked at that skinny red-head singer who stood staring at him.
  • Is he vulnerable for love? What is his deepest need that was fulfilled when he sang with me and then by himself under my balcony? Is his need to love and be loved attracted him to me? He didn’t know me, he didn’t know who I am, and he didn’t come back when I was still at the castle? He is so sweet though, and I was attracted to him that first day as well. But, he came back when he heard about what happened to me. He cares, but was it out of love or sympathy?

To be continued!

Do you agree with Snow’s thought process here?
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