Snow White Learning To Read Her StepMother

Wow! If only Snow could have learned how to read her step mother, she wouldn’t have turned out to passively react to the events in the story. This is a learning experience for all of us.

Snow White, with one hand folded across her abdomen and the other hand holding her chin, thinks: “Let’s see now, what does my stepmother, the Queen, needs the most? She’s been treating me like sh*t! And now she wants to get rid of me!”

Snow grabs her notebook and begins to journal: “She married my father after my mother died and during a time when my father was so sad. She’s an opportunist!

“She must have been spoiled and cruel as a child because she’s treating me like I’m her slave, ordering me around, forcing me to scrub the floors of the castle and wash the dishes in the kitchen. She is nasty to the people who take care of her, and she’s cruel to the people of the Kingdom! Oh, I miss my dad, the King. If he were alive today he wouldn’t have allowed this to happen. He taught me to be kind and generous, but she’s taking advantage of me and I won’t allow it either.

“I have to admit that she is a beautiful woman, but why does she need a mirror to confirm that for her? The only meaning I see for such insecurity is her need for significance and certainty! She is greedy to want to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Other women are prettier and more beautiful. She compares herself to others and she wants to feel superior to them. This gives her significance. Did she manipulate my father into marrying her with her beauty? It seems that her beauty is her asset that gives her certainty. And, if that is taken away from her she becomes hysterical.

“Last night, as I laid on my hard straw bed, I heard her scream so loud, it scared me. I pulled the scruffy blanket on top of my head so I won’t hear her again. It had to do with that hypocrite mirror. But her second shriek was louder than the first one cursing and badmouthing me. This morning she’s acting so weird and unfocused! Her face is so frightful. Her squeezed neck veins expanding in her neck and her eyes are blood red from jealousy and envy……… I hear her footsteps coming closer to my door. I wonder what she’s up to?”

The Queen needs certainty and significance. And when the mirror betrayed her by declaring Snow White as the “Fairest of Them All”, she got furious with jealousy and went on a rampage of how to get rid of her.

Snow did a great job reading the important underlying human needs psychology that the Queen is fulfilling through her action. Do you think Snow White will be able to read the Prince as she did the Queen? If she’ll marry him, she’d better read him!
Tomorrow’s Post: Reading the Prince.

In your opinion, which one is more important: “to read the Prince” or “to read the Queen”?

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