Princesses and The Prince


A princess, who finds herself in misery, triumphs at the end of her story by marrying a prince.

Even if she voiced her discontent with the rules of the kingdom, she is silenced or she decides to run away. She gets into trouble, and who is there to help her? The Prince! Of course, he marries her at the end and they live Happily Ever After.

This is the underlying concept behind almost all of the Disney Princesses stories except for Merida, who decides to be single, for now.

It is the Victim to Victory story that many speakers and authors love to talk or write about. This is what squeezes the hearts of the audience and what sells!

The problem with the Victim to Victory story of the Disney Princesses is the message that has been transmitted along the years to billions of young girls who admire the glamour of the princesses and their subconscious mind gets bombarded with “I’m a princess!” “I’m a princess!” Which princess? Any of the Disney princesses that the little girl resonates with, buys her costumes, and searches for The Prince.

I wouldn’t mind the message if the personality traits were the ones to be promoted more than the glamour and The Prince! Almost all of the Disney Princesses have excellent traits but has been washed over by the whole idea of The Prince issue! I’m not against The Prince either, but this shouldn’t be the outcome of the story that girls look for.

How does the story unfold for every Princess if we focus on those traits? And how can she develop them and use self-mastery techniques to overcome the stereotypes of who she is expected to be in the eyes of her Kingdom?

And who is The Prince anyway? The character of the Princess overshadows the character of the Prince and we need to discover who he is truly.

Let us start with Snow White: Tomorrow’s Post!
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