Marriage: Disney Princesses Reload

This is the beginning and not the end. It is the last day for the October 2013 Ultimate Blog Challenge and the first day for my series about fairy tale marriage.

Every blog post after that will be about one of Disney Princesses’ story and how her Happily Ever After story might have unfolded following the different skills and tools I’ll help her gain. But I’ll not stop only there, I’ll help her prince as well. This is actually part of my forthcoming book:

“ Marriage: Not Just A Fairy Tale! ”

I’ll need your help in discussing, feedback, rebuttal, or to comment about anything that I write to clarify or reframe.

So let us start by first introducing eleven Disney Princesses and their fiancés:

1Snow White and The Prince

2Cinderella and The Prince

3Belle and the Beast

4Ariel and Eric

5Aurora and Phillip

6Jasmine and Aladdin

7Rapunzel and Flynn

8Pocahontas and John Smith

9Tiana and Naveen

10Merida (she’s single)

11Mulan and Captain Li Shang

Do you know of any other princess that is not mentioned here?
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