How Can You Keep Your Love For Life?

Love is such a beautiful emotion to experience. When you listen to your lover’s voice, your soul is nourished. Touch his hand and magnetic waves emanate throughout your body. Look into his eyes and sink deep into an adventure to discover his soul.

I can keep going with many fine detailed images of what could happen when your whole life has emerged and evolved into a full-hearted love.
Can you hold on to love? Can it protect you from life’s events? Can it withstand life events without being flooded and drowned?

One secret to keep your love alive is to build a strong foundation for your love. Love unconditionally and do everything for the one you love. Can you imagine if both husband and wife have this foundation built into their life, what kind of relationship will they have?
When you fell in love, it was emotional, spiritual, physical, but the component that is sometimes left behind is the mental with a hint of emotional. You might think it’s not left behind, but you know that you are connected to your lover at the first three levels, and the forth level fluctuates between connected and disconnected. Why? Here’s an example: You can see in him what you like and what you dislike! For the things that you don’t like, it makes you frustrated, angry, nauseous, irritated, and any feelings associated with what does not match your blueprint of how appropriate behavior should be. Could these irritants be changed or tweaked? If not, then loving the person the way they are is a huge advantage. There are no expectations, no criticism, no condemning, and no complaining. If yes, then you’ve scored the winning goal and still love him the way he is.

Love is a gift, either to be grateful for it or not. Love is a gift that a receiver of that gift understands and appreciates the blessings in the gift. To love is to have the whole universe in your heart. When you love unconditionally, you’re not expecting something in return. Your lover’s loving unconditionally, also, with no expectations, gives your relationship a totally new level and new meaning.

Is your foundation built and ready for life, or you are in the process of building it?

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