Are you Resilient or Vulnerable?

By Amina Hedayat Khalil

Leadership and Think Global Coach and Consultant

Resiliency means: “the ability to return to the original form, position, or recover from an illness, adversity;” (

You bounce back …from an event that had an emotional or physical toll on you.

In my definition of resiliency I add: “bounce back with 10x the power.”

Vulnerability means: “you are susceptible and open to being hurt, attacked, criticized to even tempted in certain situations.” (

We can be vulnerable at one time or another. The important point here is to be aware of our vulnerability and that we need support in a specific area.

So what is the difference? It’s not an ‘Or’ question, both are inclusive.

They are both part of the package.

An event disrupted your life. You went through the after-effects of that event. It could be losing a job, getting a divorce, gone through a calamity (weather, accident, war, etc. You felt vulnerable. But, you are determined to bounce back into life. As you start building your resiliency, you are starting from a place of vulnerability and you become totally aware of it and accepting of it.

Vulnerability is actually an important pillar on which you build your resiliency. You recognize when you are vulnerable, and in what area you need support. What to do?

Ask for assistance. Address challenges openly with those who care about you. Build a support system around you. Focus on gaining your power back, even double the power, triple the power. It’s your inner most determination to grow from that disruption and to own your strengths to become a better version of who you thought you were.

The four most important assets you have during this evolution between vulnerability and resiliency:

  1. Your strengths. Discover them. Own them.
  2. Ignite your inner determination with your vision and mission.
  3. Your support system. Build your team, build your community. Seek their support.
  4. Study others’ experiences. Learn how they bounced back and do it better.

Resiliency and vulnerability, both go hand in hand in building the new, powerful you!

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